OSU Workshop Today

   Today I went to a workshop at OSU. I was so nervous because I have NEVER been around professionals, in that type of setting in my entire life! I was not quite how it was going to be and I must say, it was pretty imtimidating at first. After speaking with a few professionals, and listening to Jason Velliquette speak, I realized that professionals are people too. I guess the industry is not as ‘dog eat dog’ as I thought. Or maybe it is. Maybe we just got REALLY lucky by meeting nice professionals. I am not sure, but whatever the case may be it was a great experience. Next tuesday is the mixer, and now I feel I am more prepared to go in there and “work the room”. I’ll probably still have a few butterflies in my stomach somewhere.

    The one person who stood out to me was a woman by the name of Gina Bericchia. Her and I had a great talk about ‘branding yourself’. I struggle with this one a lot because I am not quite sure what I want to do yet. I am also not sure how to brand myself at all. Luckily since I am still young I can learn about the industry early on, which I am sure will definitely benefit in the long run.

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