Is It Really 4AM?

I am not sure why I am up so late. BUT I decided it would be a great time to blog, I have not done so in some time. It has been a fairly hectic, yet excited past couple of weeks. I was featured in Easy Columbus’ student picks! You can check it out here:

I was so excited to be featured. I felt it was a great way to not only talk about the city I love, but show a little personality as well. Hope you all will enjoy that & special thanks to Alison Pegg @ Easy Columbus!

Thursday was a great day for two reasons: First, it was Ohio Dominican University’s 15th annual Presidental Inauguration! Congratulations to Peter Cimbolic! Second, I got the chance to visit Franklin County Children’s Services. I was there on a visit with the fashion show committe I am apart of. We are hosting a fashion show in April to raise awareness about child abuse. We took a trip to children services and gave them our proposal, & now they are on board to help out with the fashion show! We are all extremely excited about it & I hope to see you all there.

Today (in about five hours) I am going to church! Then after that I am going to the best place in Columbus….COSI! I have not been since I was little and I am soooooooooooo excited to go tomorrow. It is there annual free day from 10-7pm! You should definitely try to make it, it is awesome!

This week I am excited about a meeting I have with Joanna Hueffer at Hands On Central Ohio. I used to volunteer with Firstlink and I have known Ms. Joanna since I was about 10 years old. It is going to be really nice to see her, and hopefully I learn about opportunities for me to be able to become apart of Hands On Central Ohio. I will definitely be blogging later in the week to share what happens there!

Well it is apart 4:15AM now, & I should probably be going to bed. & if you’re awake at this hour you should too! Sweet dreams 🙂

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