I Am Not Perfect, But I Am Worthy

  I have been attending The Church At Northpointe for about 7 months now.  I did not grow up in church or with the bible, and before I started going to Northpointe I had never really gone to church either.  I am not perfect.  But now more than ever I feel like I am ready to be baptized.  I am committed to Christ and I am a believer, it is just not official.

  Already I have people doubting me and trying to convince me not to do it. 

“Are you going to become one of those Christians who talk behind peoples back?”

“Do you know how serious this is?”

“I don’t think you’re ready for this, this is something serious!”

There was more, but I think you get the point.  All these things were hurtful because while they’re making jokes and comments, they were laughing at me.  Like this was a funny little imagination in my head.  I knew in that moment that I had changed.  I knew this because 7 months ago, I would have been stooping down to their level and bashing everyone around me; but I didn’t.  I would have said the most hurtful thing I could think of in that moment, but I didn’t.  I didn’t do any of the things I would have done 7 months ago. 

  Yesterday the word of day in church was “MOVE!”  Move out of the way so God can give his blessings.  Move yourself out of the way, move things out of the way, move other people out of the way.  So while  they’re talking and laughing all I was thinking was “MOVE!” Move out of my way!  Of course I will never be perfect.  But I am making the effort.  God knows me and we have a special relationship that could never be explained or understood.  I do not have to prove to anyone on this Earth that I am a woman worthy of the Lord’s love.  So why should I let anyone on this earth influence me?

  Bottom line is, I am going to go through with it.  I have to break the mold within my family and I will.  And I know that I AM WORTHY!

Special thanks to:

Eric Hopkins II, for helping me realize I am not perfect but I am worthy.

The Church At Northpointe: Real Anointed Word

5550 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, Oh (Every Sunday @ 9:30 AM)

3 thoughts on “I Am Not Perfect, But I Am Worthy

  1. Reading your post sent sent shivers through me. I love that statement: “I am not perfect, but I am worthy.”
    What a great statement to foster self esteem!
    Have you entered the AVON Voices songwriter contest? This would make an excellent hook for an uplifting song. The purpose of AVON Voices is to help put an end to violence against women. I think if more women and girls realized they did not have to be perfect to be worthy, it would cause a big shift in the statistics. Women would realize: I am worthy, and I do not need to put up with this treatment.

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