“Game On” Pt. 2

After last nights episode of “The Game”, I feel that there is no longer a need for me to continue to watch the season. All of my questions from the premiere were answered. Will Jason really leave the Sabers? Will Tasha and Kelly ever be friends again? Will Melanie ever tell Derwin that D.J. is his son? Will they break up?

My answers were: yes, yes, yes, and no. I now have nothing else to look forward to.

The hype of the show is starting to fade away. The Game went from 7.7 million viewers last week, to 5.9 million this week. With over 1,000 comments on a recent FaceBook status, the viewers seem to have mixed emotions. Some are saying they love the show, and others are saying saying they hate it now. One person even said “…soon the numbers will drop. The show was great till BET touched it.”

In my opinion, this season is not looking too great. But, as a fan (for now), I will continue to watch the show and hope that it gets better!

– What are your opinions about the show?

2 thoughts on ““Game On” Pt. 2

  1. Of course we’ll watch it. It’s probably the best African-American sitcom despite these issues. One thing we can count on – there will be all kinds of new drama this season. The writers seem to be good at that. Answering all of our questions opens the door for new mess like Derwin’s custody drama, Tasha Mack the Cougar, Malik and TT’s friendship breaking up, Kelly’s reality show drama, and Jason’s mental breakdown. Enjoy!

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