“I Am Number Four”: A Must See!

So, tonight I was among the lucky people who got see a special screening of the new film “I Am Number Four”.The film about a kid who has super powers and is being sought after by enemies from his old planet.  Alex Pettyfer is the star of this film and not only is he insanely gorgeous, but he also does an amazing job!

Three reasons why I definitely recommend this film:

1.) The film is directed by D.J. Caruso who also directed the films “Disturbia” and “Eagle Eye”. Both films did extremely remaining #1 for weeks at the box office. I believe when this film debuts in 9 days it will do the same!

2.) I am not your typical woman who loves romantic films – BORING! I love love love action films, and this film is full of it! There is a lot of suspense and tos of fighting. If you love action, you will love “I Am Number Four”.

3.) For the ladies, Alex Pettyfer is beyond sexy! He also has his shirt off a lot so that is plus (I guess I am typical woman when it comes to nice looking men). Ladies trust me, if you’re not into action you will still be entertained! Would I lie to you?

Call me bias because I love action films and hot bods, but this movie is a must see! The film debuts February 18th in theatres and imax. Check out the link below to see the official site for “I Am Number Four”. And when you see it, let me know what you think!


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