Leggings: Fashion or Attention?

So, what do you think? Do you believe leggings are a fashion statement, or an attention grabber? I spoke with a few students on campus and I get mixed answers. I have noticed that the answers are split 50/50 between women and men.

The women I spoke with say they wear leggings for one reason:

– They are comfortable, yet stylish.

“When I want to dress down, but I don’t want to look bummy, I wear leggings.” – V.B.

I can agree with that statement. I typically wear leggings for this very reason. I do not always want to wear sweat pants when I want to be comfortable (sweat pants can give off the sloppy look). I can easily dress up leggings. Cute top, accessories, cute boots, and I look just as good as the girl next to me in jeans.

The men on the other hand have a different perspective on why women wear leggings. They all simultaneously believe that the one and only reason women wear leggings is for attention. They believe women want men to look at their…..assets. So, since the women put it out there, they will give us what we want, ATTENTION.

“I would never let my girlfriend wear leggings outside of the house!” – K.B.

I do not think I have to tell you I am bias because it is clear! Personally, I do not wear leggings for attention. I wear them because they are comfortable; and if worn correctly, stylish (in my opinion I am no fashion guru).

So I am going to pose a few questions:

1.)    Do you wear leggings?

2.)    Why do you wear leggings?

3.)    And for the guys: Would you let your girlfriend wear leggings? Why or Why not?

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