PR fail, or honest mistake?

Apprearently, local radio station Power 107.5 has been promoting that T-Pain was going to be at Club Mansion tonight. Today, they posted on their facebook:

“The party is still going on at club mansion unfortunately T-Pain wont be in the building but the party is still going on”

T-Pain responsed with this tweet:

“I’m not tryin to style on y’all promoter niggas cuz that ain’t how I do ppl. But all the promoters makin up excuses as to why I’m not comin to Columbus Ohio tonight, it might be a Li smarter to not @ me when you’re falsely advertising a show for me. We could go in and sue and go legal just cuz I don’t like pll like y’all but I’m feelin too good for that, mostly cause they just dropped off my new Maybach 57s, all white with the tan interior and white 24″ wheels so y’all go ahead and make your money just don’t make it by Lying on me and makin ppl think I just don’t show up to my shows. If you do good business you get good money. Thanx for reading.” [sic]

2 thoughts on “PR fail, or honest mistake?

  1. Definitely a PR fail! And such a tacky move by that nightclub. I bet it was worth it in the long run since he’s not getting legal and they’re getting lots of press.

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