“Dollars & Nonsense!”

 Excuse me for being slightly out of the loop this afternoon with this whole “government shutdown” fuckery. But now since I have been informed by a local newspaper, twitter, and television, I think I have a slight insight on the situation.

If I have interpreted what I’ve heard correctly, I believe that this shutdown will be caused because the parties cannot agree on an issue regarding Planned Parenthood. They want to shut down this business that has been around for almost a century. Correct me if I’m wrong here people.

Pretending that I have full understanding of this situation, this has got to be one of the DUMBEST things I have EVER heard! Next to my roommate asking me if she could get pregnant from……well, that’s another story. But this shutdown on Planned Parenthood is ridiculous.

Is this just another way for the lovely GOP to inflict their beliefs about pro-life on us? Or are they really concerned.

This shutdown of Planned Parenthood will have a significant effect on the young people who receive contraception and STD checks here. More than likely these people don’t have a lot of money, so where else will they get these things from? How will they get them?

As some of you may now, I have been a safesite for the Great American Condom Campaign for two semesters now. So this issue is something that has startled me greatly.

Am I encouraging cohabitating? No. But does this happen A LOT? Yes. Stripping away an outlet for young people to get the contraceptives and tests that they need will only have a negative effect. Does the GOP not realize that without Planned Parenthood there would be even more pregnancies and STD’S amongst young people?

Not only is the shutting down of Planned Parenthood an issue. But if there is a shutdown, what about our Troops? Do you really expect our troops to fight, serve, and protect our country without pay? What about their families?

And all of this because we have to control a young girl who slipped up and got pregnant. And a young man who has lost himself in the midst of a woman whose lips drip honey.

If you ask me (which you probably didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway) this is ridiculous. It is not about government budget. It is about right wing beliefs. That is all.

So what are your opinions about the shut down? Am I completely off about the whole thing? Tell me about what your thoughts.

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