“..hear me roar!”

“I’m a woman, hear me roar!” – Nicki Minaj

This quote has been my motto for some time now, and to me it is very powerful. I believe it is self explanatory, but if it you insist…in my opinion it is saying: I’m a boss, and I’m a woman, get with it or get out of the way!

For some reason, when I think of the root of “girl power” for me, the first person that comes to my mind is Wonder Woman.  When I was a kid, I admired Wonder Woman. Not only was she was beautiful, but she could run with the boys and kick ass just as good as they could. She had a confidence that showed in all of her actions. She was strong. And she did not let anyone or thing stand in her way.

I am aware that there a tons of beautiful strong women. But Wonder Woman has that superhero image that I believe is inside of us; and who wouldn’t want to be a superhero?

I want to be Wonder Women in all that I do. Not in the sense of her appearance or her ass-kicking skills (although I would not mind either of those things), but I want that superhero mentality. I want to know that I can handle any obstacle that comes in my way. I want to have the confidence that I am a woman. A strong woman. And I can do anything and everything I put my mind to.

Wonder Woman has just earned her spot as my background for quite some time. Why you may ask? Because every day I want to be reminded that I can handle the world. Whether the world likes me or not, it better get prepared. I am a woman, hear me roar! And if you don’t like it, I’ll kick your ass (not really, but I know Wonder Woman could)!

We all have a little superhero in us, what super hero did you admire as a kid?

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