“Dreaming out loud..”

If I had never heard a verse, then had to rewind it in awe and listen to that verse again, I definitely did the first time I heard Armond. He is on the few artist that actually say something worth listening to.

“Small as a giant, large as my ambitions”

Armond Goss, whose age will not be mentioned because he is terribly sensitive about it (LOL jk), is a devoted father and one of the best poets (I like to call him a poet  vs a rapper because his music is smooth, like poetry and not typical of a rappers in my opinion) I have ever heard. I first heard Armond when he performed at Ohio Dominican for BSU’s annual Coffee House. The line “she say she independent but so dependent on men’s attention” caught my ear and made the whole crowd go “ooooooo!” and definitely made me one of his biggest fans!

His latest Album “Ketchup (The Best of Armond 2010-2011)” (which you can purchase right here http://armondwakeup.blogspot.com/) can help you do just that…CATCH UP! If you have never heard any of Armond’s music, this will help you get a taste of the type of artist Armond is.

 This past Sunday at his album release party, Armond PERFORMED. Not just performed by trying to get the crowd hype, but perform meaning I could feel what he was saying. I honestly got teary-eyed throughout a lot of tracks (there in an unexplainable power in music). In today’s music scene, it is very rare that you find someone who is truly passionate about their work and what they do as an artist. And you can absolutely feel the passion in Armond’s lyrics everytime you hear a verse.

If you don’t believe me, then listen for yourself! But have I ever lied to you guys?

Check out “Love Is”, one of my all time faves of Armond:

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