PRdivas are tooo SLYCK!

The name itself was a catch, but my vision for the line was to go along with the old saying “You aint slick.” I want the line be a way to testify against that. That’s SLYCK.”

PR Divas are happy to announce that we will be a part of #teamSLYCK this summer! SLYCK (pronounced as slick) is ran and owned by Cbus’ own Raven Ford.

When I thought of the line, I wanted it to be hard, sexy, and dope.

Raven came up with the idea of SLYCK in the summer of 2010. She is inspired by other clothing lines like Married to the Mob and Hellz Bellz because, just like SLYCK, they are ran by Woman.

Music is anyone’s inspiration, whether it’s pop or hip-hop, how I feel, you will find it in the collection.

As you all know, I am all about girl power! So could I not jump at the chance to be a part of the SLYCK movement? What really intrigues me about Raven and SLYCK is that it started with just a thought of “what if?” and she is putting in the effort to make her “what if?” a reality. Apart of the American dream, in my opinion, is entrepreneurship. It is not only important to keep that dream alive, but to keep it alive through a woman is even better in my book! And it is always awesome to see great things like SLYCK happening in the Cbus community.

Currently there is a fashion show in the making which is where PR Divas come in. This will not be your ordinary fashion show. From the venue to the set-up, SLYCK is always sure to go above and beyond contemporary!

The SLYCK website is currently under construction; and it will be available soon to purchase SLYCK clothing and receive event updates. Until then, you can check out SLYCK on facebook by searching Raven-Symone Ford.

Keep your eyes and ears open, because I have a strong feeling that SLYCK is here to stay!

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