Heartbeat Bill? No deal!

The House approved a bill today called “The Heartbeat Bill” (only passed 12-11 btw); meaning, it is illegal for a woman to have an abortion after the first heartbeat. Typically, the first heartbeat can be detected as early as two weeks. *Sigh* Now, since I have been called a “crazy liberal” on numerous occasions, you have been warned that this blog will be a rant. Feel free to close this browser immediately………

*Clears throat* Now for those of you still here (probably a “crazy liberal”) then you probably have some of the same feelings I do. Obviously, I am Pro-Choice, so I do feel that a woman should have a right to decide what she does with her body. However, I have my limits.

First of all, two weeks is not enough time to find out your pregnant and try to get an abortion. By the time you realized you missed your period, your two weeks are up and then you have no choice. Should there be a cut-off to getting an abortion? Yes. I would hope a woman at seven months would not wake up one day and say “Hmm, I think I want that abortion now.” No deal.

For years people have been trying to determine when does the human life start; is it upon the second of conception? Is it after a few months of pregnancy? Or is it when the child is born? There are many things I can say about that but for lack of time, I will save that for a later.

Sticking to the issue at hand: I believe that abortion should definitely be an option for people with certain circumstances; such as rape victims, especially children, and victims who are raped by family members.

Some women use abortion as a birth control. Have unprotected sex, get pregnant, get an abortion, repeat (I have known people who have done such). This is where I draw the line.

With the approval of this bill, black market abortions will rise – indefinitely! We’ll be burying woman due to attempted abortions with wire hangers (it happens, saw it in a movie once – but it was based on a true story).

With that being said, abortions should be legal for certain circumstances, and women should legally be allowed to one abortion in their lifetime. Would I do it? NO! But we really cannot speak on what we would do in a situation until we are IN that situation (just like you told your friend to leave her good for nothing man alone but when it happened to you, you were his ride or die, remember that?)

Regardless of the law people are going to find ways around it by going to other states or countries. And although personally I wouldn’t do it, I still don’t like being told what I couldn’t do even if I wanted to. No deal!!

This is the end of my rant.

Tell me what you think: What do you think about this Heartbeat Bill?

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