There’s something in the water?

The first day I walked into high school I saw more pregnant girls than I had ever seen in my entire 14 years of living! I was amazed by it. As time went on, I still noticed all of the pregnant girls but it was all old news to me. “Yo, (blah blah blah) is pregnant!” Is a line I heard every week from the time I sat down in my first class of freshmen year to the time walked the stage.

The fact that eventually hearing one of my classmates were pregnant stopped amazing me, amazes me. I mean, shouldn’t I still be flabbergasted?

Reality shows about teenage pregnancy (that I will not name as I’m sure you all know) has been put into our every day lives. Young girls who post pictures of their swollen bellys on social networking sites is normal. People comment on these pictues saying “Aww so cute!” “Omgee congratulations”. Premarital sex and swollen teenage stomachs are no longer taboo?

It makes me wonder where was I the moment that all of this became “normal”. Was I even alive when this happened? Or maybe as I get older, I am starting to notice more.

“There’s something in the water” has became the phrase that I often hear when speaking of teenage pregnancy and I actually believe that in some dark twisted way.

As I try my hardest not become the stereotypical “baby mama” I will admit that I am just as messed up in the head as the other young women of my generation. And I will admit that sweet nothings can make me just as weak as the next girl but, I wonder.

Is there something in the water? Or is my generation truely as ignorant as we seem?

It actually scares me a little because I wonder what my generations offspring will be like.

But, I don’t know. Just another random thought.

P.S. If taken personally, don’t blame me. Blame yourself for allowing temptations to take over your mind. As do I often times.

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