…just another random thought.

What’s the point in baking a cake that I can’t eat? Timeless question that no one will ever know the answer too.

Now that the first week of school is out of the way, I am already beginning to see that everything I thought was, is not. And everything I did not think could be, is. It’s a hard knock life for a chick trying to lay a foundation for the rest of her.

At times I wonder if what I want (a college diploma, a kick-ass resume, a job (preferably right after college) that will have be living comfortably, and to set a standard for my future children to live by) is a little too much to ask for. Only because in pursuit of all of those things, you have to let go of some of the things you already have and/or want to have or do. That is probably the hardest part of the journey. Trying to figure out what is worth holding on to and what is not. How do you determine that?

In church this morning, Pastor Dudley said we need to let God handle the problems of his blessings. And if it is not a blessing from God, then you can’t expect him to fix it. But how do you know what is a blessing from God and what is not? We as humans have the power to distort the truth so much until we start believe it. What if what I have, in my opinion, is a blessing? How do we clarify?

I have came to the conclusion that it is best to just let all of your problems go. The one’s that are blessing from God will be taken care, in due time. And the one’s that are not, do not matter. As simple as that seems, it is easier said than done. But then I begin to wonder…

Are my dreams THAT bizarre? Are my wants TOO unrealistic? Is it wrong to dream outside of this planet?
I have yet to come to a conclusion about those questions.
But what I do know is God is watching and waiting. Watching to see how you will react to the trials and tribulations that he puts in front of you. And waiting for you to get out of his way and let him work through you.
…this is just another one of my random thoughts.

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