My Journey Down (to) the Poll: Take 1.

Isn’t this a little old school?

I do not own the rights to this photo

The death penalty is one of the many things legal in America that I do NOT agree with; not even a little bit. Cruel and unusual punishment is somewhere in the books and I can not think of anything that is more cruel and unusual.

Why cruel you ask? Well for one, it does not make sense. Didn’t some one once say “an eye for an eye and we’d all be blind”? If we killed everyone that killed someone, we’d all be dead! How does that make any sense at all?

“But wait, Tonnisha, how is it unusual?” Well curious voice in my head, let me tell you: the definition of unusual according to is used to describe something that is uncommon or strange. Well tell me if this makes sense:

  • A kid trys to stick a paper clip in an outlet
  • The mom says, “NO! Don’t do that you’ll get electrocuted!!”
  • Then the mom, sticks her paper clip in the outlet

??? Are you confused? Yea me too.

One thing that disturbed me in the last GOP debate I watched was the fact that Rick Perry (who is in the lead so I hear to be placed against Prez. Obama) has executed over 234 inmates (but everything is bigger in Texas, right?)

Maybe I am too sensitive or overly emotionally to be able to justify the death of a human being. Isn’t it bad enough that some one else’s life has already been taken.

And I know what you’re thinking…..what about the victim’s family? I get that. I understand that. But as a Christian, I can not justify the death penalty in any way. I do not understand what a family goes through when they lose some one due to another human beings hands. I can only imagine. I have however been on the other side of the spectrum.

My father was close to recieving the death penalty about 15 years ago; I was 5. Going from a daddy’s girl to only being able to communicate with him through letters and phone calls was horrible for me. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen him since he’s been incarcerated.  Do I believe that he should be in jail? Sure. Put to death? Not at all!!!

The death penatly is just one of those things I will never grasp the concept of. Why is it legal again? Hm.

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