My Journey Down (to) the Poll: Take 3.

First off, I would like thank the political Gods for making the best day in political history (my political history thus far) when Sarah Palin decided NOT to attempt a shot at presidency in the 2012 election.  Why is this such a great thing?  1.) Her voice is extremely annoying and I didn’t know how much more of it I could take and 2.) she is extremely WOOZY (meaning crazy, unethical, off the rocker).  But enough about that..

It is hard not to acknowledge Herman Cain’s drive in this fight for the GOP elect. I am finding some of his comments a little displeasing. In this video —-><—- he says that African-Americans are brainwashed into voting for Democrats.  I will admit that generally speaking, I know more African-American Democrats than Republicans, but does that mean those people are “brainwashed”?  What I’m getting from that is: any African-American who is not a fan of the GOP is brainwashed. Doesn’t make any sense.

That statement doesn’t sit right with me & it definitely will not make me want to try to convince any African-American Democrat I know to change their opinion.  I will admit that I understand where he was going with the statement, but the way he said it was an all around bad move.

Do any of these candidates have a PR pro on their team? GEESH!

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