SLYCK Movement 2012 (Almost)

While I have only been apart of #teamSLYCK for a short amount of time, it is hard not to completely fall in love with it all. First and foremost it is empowering to watch a young woman have a goal and continuously work hard to make her dream come true. In the midst of me assisting in helping another woman’s dream come true, I am working towards to make mine come true as well. Sharpening my PR skills in an independent project separate from school and school organizations, is challenging and exciting at the same time. Challenging because there is no immediate feedback from a Professor, but exciting because I make the rules — which is the ultimate dream come true!

I am not one to go for what’s “in” or trendy. I’m more of a boots, leggings, hoodies, and a sloppy bun kind of girl. But being around Raven and the SLYCK team has made me really want to take a deeper look into the fashion world, and be aware of the trends and all of the fashion-y things that are going on. Raven has not only inspired me to sharpen my fashion sense, but she has also inspired me to dream BIG and to never let anyone tell me that I can’t do what ever it is that I want.

I’m not sure of what the future holds for me and my time with SLYCK, but I am definitely enjoying it while it is here. In the midst of preparing for the SLYCK Movement for 2012 (which we will talk about SOON), I decided to make a video as a way to recap this past year that SLYCK has had. We as a team are very excited to get started on all the fun things we will be doing in 2012 and would love to have you all come along for the ride! Whether you’re a model, investor, photographer, or you simply want to help in making SLYCK  a global name, email us at

Enjoy the video!

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