“…& that XO is the only thing I believe in.”

I have become hip to a guy (or is it a group I’m confused) called “The Weeknd”. The first time I ever heard music from this artist was on Drake’s “Take Care” album and the song “Crew Love”. Ever since then I become a little intrigued with the guy.

20111225-055033.jpgMy roommate in particular helped peak my curiosity. Usually when it comes to music I am very stuck in my ways and I like what I like and that it is all. It takes me a while to open up to new artists and their style of music. When Echoes of Silence released (the latest mixtape by the Weeknd) a few days ago I was slightly timid when listening to it for the first time. But, to my surprise I immediately fell in love with it!

The thing that I love about this mixtape is that it is very mellow. Listening to this makes me just want to kick back and enjoy the music (verses an album like “Talk That Talk” that makes me want to shake it fast & watch myself…literally like in a mirror and everything). But, that is also the same thing I don’t like the mixtape. You would really have to be in a mellow mood to listen to it. Not exactly the music you would play to get hype for the club. It also sounds like all of the songs blend together, which is cute. But not cute when I’m trying to find my favorite song and everything sounds the same.

Like I said, I never heard of The Weeknd until “Crew Love”, but when I heard he did a cover of the late M.J.’s “Dirty Diana” I thought two things 1.) this guy is crazy, career suicide thinking he can cover M.J. & not make a fool of himself or 2.) this guy has balls, he must have the juice (a person having the juice means they have the skills to excel in the task at hand). But he truly made the cover his own and did not merely try to duplicate a sound – which ultimately made the track one of my favorites. Regardless, no one is touching M.J. obviously but I love the song.

Bottom line, love this mixtape! Definitely going into my favorite music of 2011 category.

You can follow The Weeknd on Twitter at @theweekndxo and download the mixtape for yourself.

P.S. I heard this isn’t even his best mixtape.

P.S.S. what’s up with the XO?

P.S.S.S. If you’ve heard it already, what do you like or don’t like about the mixtape?

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