My Journey Down (to) the Poll: Take 6.

I have been watching all of the potential candidates for Presidency very closely lately. Although I am willing to say I am #teamObama, I feel it is still only fair for me to know where all of the politicians stands. And who knows, I may change my mind!


There is one tiny issue that has come up lately that I must address (no it is about Gingrich’s open marriage – do you Gingy…do you..).

It is the fact that Romney made over $20 million in investments with about 15% tax rate; an ordinary income pays about 35% (straight from and Now, if the information provided by my trusted sources is correct, then there is definitely a problem here. Sure, Romney definitely earned his money by taking the risk and investing it, but he only had to pay 15% of that? That doesn’t even make sense. How is that fair?

*Rolls eyes* Next topic:

Last night in Prez. Obama’s State of the Union Address (#SOTU) he touched on an issue that hit home for me; the rise in college tuition. He said something along the lines of, “if you can’t stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from tax payers will go down”. Of course I’m going to agree with that! The cost to get a decent education around here is seriously ridiculous! I’ve seen people at my own college leave during their last semester because they owe the school so much money that they can’t afford to pay back. It doesn’t even seem like they really care either. And the tuition is steady rising over here in Panther Nation.

America does not excel when it comes to Math, Science, and all of the other hard things that I’m not very good at that other countries are. Yet we are pushed and pushed and pushed to learn these things and be the best! But how can we become the best when we pay over $40,000 in tuition?

We are the future. Whether our country, government, or parents like it or not. Allow us to receive a great education at a reasonable price. Heck, college should be free anyway!

— What did you think of the #SOTU address last night? Were there any issues that stood out to you?

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