Detroit Ain’t Dead.

While many of my friends enjoyed their spring break walking beaches in their bikinis, I decided to spend it in Detroit! I know exactly what you’re thinking, “why the hell are you going to Detroit?” I received the same reaction from every person I told I was going there (not to mention we stayed in Highland Park – YIKES!).

After this reaction millions of times I began to question myself too. Why exactly was I going to Detroit instead of the beach? My question didn’t get answered until I was on I-75S headed back to Columbus!

ImageThere is a common perception of Detroit, which is partially true. But there is also something going on in that city that you could not possibly understand until you have been there and lived it.

While there, we worked with an awesome group called YouthWorks Detroit ( and did everything from going to soup kitchens, working with kids, painting and peeling wallpaper, and personally going on the streets and giving food to the homeless. We also met some pretty cool people and took a tour around the city (& we saw Canada!).

Yes, 2/3 of the city is vacant. Yes, Detroit has one of the worst education systems in the country. & yes, I have never seen so many people without a home in my life. But, there is a church on every street and the city is filled with people who have faith that one day the city will be revived and be the great Detroit that it once was.

Being in Detroit was not only humbling, but inspiring. While some choose to leave the city in fear, others choose to stay and give it life. There is so much pride in the people of Detroit; how can you not love that?
Detroit ain’t dead! And I honestly believe that this statement is true. With all the faith and people in that city I am also one of the few who believe that Detroit will be revived. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, but the revival is definitely at work!

Check out my pictures of my trip here:

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