SLYCK Movement Is Here!

ImageSo, I have been talking about the SLYCK Movement for what feels like forever and now it is finally here! We have been putting in mad work to put together all of the details of this new collection and trying to figure out how we would launch it. That’s where the SLYCK Movement came about!

We initially wanted to wait until we received all of the pieces of the new collection before we started the movement but, we can’t wait that long!

The goal is to get as many people possible involved in a series of impromptu photo-shoots at many different locations. We want to get the “who’s who” of people around the city; starting with college campus’. Getting some people from ODU in a shoot on our campus, OSU at their campus, CU at their campus, etc. The pictures will be used to start the movement and get people the see the face of SLYCK which is…YOU!

This is an example of how these impromptu shoots will look #teamSLYCK

What is the SLYCK movement you’re wondering?

It is the start of a lifestyle full of people who aren’t afraid to show how hard, sexy, and dope they are! Think you’re SLYCK enough to be apart of the movement? Feel free to hit us up and you too can show the world how SLYCK you are!

Join #teamSLYCK on twitter: @SLYCKbyRayeS

& facebook too: SLYCK by Raye S

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