Yesterday was my second time participating in TOMS One Day Without Shoes event (http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com) (check out photos here) and it was  definitely an experience! We didn’t get quite the numbers we were looking for but we definitely raised awareness and got people talking. Chiptole was even generous enough to DONATE 100 burritos to us!! This was a great gesture because without shoes we are not able to eat at our dining services.

** If I had a dollar for every side eye and “omg, why doesn’t she have shoes on” comment I would drop out of school!

Going barefoot for the day made me really think about all of the options I have that many others don’t in their everyday life. I chose to skip my first class and start my day late, then I chose not to put shoes on for the day, then I chose what time and where I wanted to eat, and now I am choosing to tell you about it.

I thought about Detroit today (yes, I will reference Detroit for the rest of my life) and how many people there didn’t have nearly as many options as I do. And even people around me at times don’t have as many options as me and sometimes they have more.

However, ruining the softness of my feet and walking on concrete made me appreciate all of my options. Even if it may not be exactly what I want, it’s better than nothing!

The TOMS movement is very inspiring. Organizations like TOMS keep me motivated and driven to live my life the way I do and pursue my dreams. Seeing the hundreds of people tweeting and my peers walking around campus without shoes today shows  how one small gesture can make a huge impact.

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