Transition. Take 1.

As some of you may, or may not have known, I have been going natural for about a year now. This has been a HUGE struggle for me because I have been getting relaxers since I was in kindergarten! I’m not really sure what inspired me to finally stop with relaxers all together, but it has not been an easy road.

ImageFirst, I had been getting sew-ins for about a year or so. During this time I completely weaned myself away from getting relaxers. While it was fun to swing all that remy hair around and wear a messy bun when I felt like it, the process of getting a sew-in was way too long for me. I have never been one to love sitting down for two hours getting my hair done.

So, I decided to remove all of that pretty hair of mine (yes, it was mine I bought it, thank you) and try to maintain a natural hairstyle of my own. I watched a couple YouTube videos and got a few tips from friends and felt like it was something I could maintain easily – I was wrong!

Maintaining natural hair takes A LOT of work but it is definitely worth it. Most tricks I have found have been things I just had to learn on my own. Luckily Google, YouTube, & other natural friends have been there to help me out along the way!

I wanted to share my transition with others who may be thinking about it and say…GO FOR IT! Trying out new things and being spontaneous with my hair has been really fun. Check out some photos of a couple styles I have tried. We’ll talk products later 😉

Transition Photos —-> HERE

2 thoughts on “Transition. Take 1.

  1. I wear my hair natural but others don’t think it is natural because it is not as kinky as people perceive our natural hair to be. This goes to show a lack of understanding of black hair. Looking forward to your post on products, I have a few to share as well. “going natural” shouldn’t be a phase for us, it should have been apart of our own culture, our identity–something to embrace. However, if we likewise choose to wear weave, it should not be because we need it but rather it a want momentarily to enhance our look–not our beauty! POW! Anyway, good stuff. This is a huge deal right now. P.S. Anyone interested in participating in a natural hair fashion show, please contact me for details @britbrowne via Twitter.

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