Nights With Nish – Webisode 1: Racism in 2012

I’m very excited to launch this new project I’ve been working on: “Nights With Nish” (#NightsWithNish). Mostly vlogging about things that I find interesting or topics that come about in every day conversation.

This first vlog was inspired by an incident my friend had at a gas station. I became curious and started talking to friends about their experience with racism and decided, “HEY, I should record this!” And that’s where the idea came about.

This picture (picture has been removed due to graphic nature) of Prez. Obama was an image I came across on Instagram. Very disturbing and disgusting. I still can’t believe these kinds of thoughts come about every day and that we’re STILL dealing with racism; even with all the diversity in the world.

I hope you will take the time to check out my first webisode and let me know what you think. Give some feedback and let me know other topics you’d like me to touch on.

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