Who Will Survive In America?

who will survive in americaI came across this picture today and a million thoughts ran through my mind. Following this picture I saw a tweet that said:

There are 5 black people at the Golden Globes and 15 reality shows of us on WeTV alone. We have got to do better.

Yesterday I made a tweet in regards to the fact that “free Sosa” was trending but MLK was not, even on his birthday. I got tons of negative responses; which essentially proved my point.

It saddens me that we are quick to want to “free _____” someone we do not know, or someone who committed a crime willingly, or our cousin and them from around the way when we know they did wrong.

Why not “free all of the child slaves who are forced to perform sexual acts on adults for money they will never see”? Why not “free all of the women who are held captive in brothels around the world who have sex for a living”? Why not “free our minds so that we no longer are satisfied by the minimum and strive for the best”?

To answer someone’s question yesterday of “is you mad bro?”  In response to my tweet, my answer is “no I am not mad. I am disappointed.”

But you know who might be mad?

All of our founding fathers who paved the way, and all of those people who marched for miles for me to be able express my opinion and vote and date whomever I choose to.

You know who else should be mad?

YOU. Because clearly I have a grasp of reality. Clearly I understand that there is more to life than what I can see, or ever will see.

So who will survive in America?

That’s a question you’re going to have to answer for yourself. I plan on it. Do you?

**P.S. If you know the artist of the photo, please let me know.

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