Pirates x A-Down x Bizzoe

I have been on a roll lately getting all of this exclusive never before heard music. First I got some Freestlye’s from the MOB, then a private screening of Kairos, now you get Pirates!

Pirates is an unreleased track by Columbus local rapper A-Down.

Who said white man can’t rap?

A-Down is one talented rapper and has been featured on many mixtapes including Bizzoe’s Draft 5. A-Down returned the favor by featuring Bizzoe on S.N.A.R.E. (Summer Nights and Rare Events) on multiple tracks.

To kick off the wait for S.N.A.R.E. 2, A-Down sent over a new track titled “Pirates” featuring Bizzoe. They both snap on this track and there is a lot of crazy wordplay so make sure you really listen to the lyrics!

Check it out:

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