Another MOB Freestyle in the Basement

When I first entered the basement yesterday I was told that I would not be able to record or document anything that was going on. But…….as you all know, I don’t “no” for an answer lightly 🙂

Last night the MOB was at it again freestyling for fun and even unusual suspect Telli hopped on the beat for the one time! This freestyle has a snippet from Mad Rich, and a verse from Riggz and Bizzoe. I don’t have to tell you about how it went because we all know these guys don’t mess around.

The MOB will be hitting the studio soon and I will have the pleasure of being able to sit in on one of the sessions. During the session I hope to bring to you exclusive interviews from as many MOB members as I can so let me know what questions I should ask them!

Well, here it is! Check out the video and share:

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