Instagram Has Video, Now What?

I don’t know about you, but I was not stunned when I saw Instagram added a video feature to their app. The new feature went live not even a week ago and users have already said “RIP to Vine“. But is the new feature to IG great enough to kill off Vine; a video app that was viral just a week ago? Maybe. If Instagram wants to kill Vine, there are a few things they will need to do for me to consider Vine history.

1. Vine has a very clean cut look due to the fact that users only see videos. On Instagram, users are bombarded with pictures AND videos now. To create a clean look, the app needs to add another timeline for users. Give us the option of going through the pictures of users we follow OR the videos.

2. Vine videos that are uploaded by users are crisp images. On Instagram, you can tell who the iPhone users and the Androids are; no offense. But there needs to be a way for the app to take crisper images from all users allowing for an equally quality experience.

3. I enjoyed that Vine videos were basically .gif’s with sound; so they constantly repeated. On Instagram, users have to press play again if they want to watch the video over; which is annoying (#firstworldproblems).

I am aware that Instagram does not intend to be exactly like Vine. However, I do believe that the idea was not completely thought through before launching the new feature. Obviously they went forward with it to save their own asses, but now I’m curious to see how they will update it and continue to do so.

Instagram video does have things I like: filters on videos, longer video time, and the auto-play video option.

Do you think Vine is history? Leave your thoughts below!

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