Tales for Heads: Lyrical, Twisted, & Beautiful

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I recently wrote a blog post about the difference between hip-hop artist and rappers for David Jolly‘s blog. The way you distinguish one from the other is to understand that hip-hop artist tell a story. To give a clear example of this comes producer/rapper, Thump. I can describe this project with three words: lyrical, twisted, and beautiful.


I appreciated great lyrics. I respect an artist when they take the time to put together lyrics that make sense – not just rhyme – but actually create a story. As the song begins, I can start to visualize what he is saying. From there, his lyrics allow me to form images in my mind. Imagery. Thump is extremely great at imagery and that stays consistent on every track.

The flow that Thump has is completely different than popular hip-hop. He has a flow that is like hip-hop meets rock – which is always a super cool combination (he puts me in the mind of the band Gorillaz if you remember them) that is difficult to master.

I appreciate this project so much because Thump isn’t spitting over beats that are meant to be bangers; when you sit down and listen to Tales for Heads you really have to LISTEN.


Some of the stories that Thump tells on these songs are twisted. One of a man having a lover die and he is determined to get to where she is, others about people dealing with their personal demons, and other stories are twisted in comical ways like with the song “Overdose”. I’m not going to reveal why it’s funny to me because I want you to really pay attention to this song. How can you take something so simple as that and compare it to an addiction and it actually make sense? That is genius. The song is genius and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

The beats are very mellow and some are dark – putting you in a daze type of mood. Completely out of your control – but that’s what music does to you. That is why I describe this project as twisted.


Everything about this project is beautiful. The way the stories are told, the smooth beats (which are all original beats produced by Thump), and the flow. Putting all of those things together created a perfect project. A beautiful one.

I’m pushing for this project because it is so different than ANYTHING you are listening to right now and I would bet that. Tales for Heads drops tomorrow, July 30 and you do not want to miss this!

Follow Thump on Twitter and make sure you cop Tales for Heads on July 30.

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