MOB Weekend Takeover

This weekend was probably the craziest for the MOB thus far. After a long day of writing and working, the family took a night out Friday and enjoyed the Columbus nightlife at Sugar Bar. Saturday was a fairly chill day (do we have a chill?) and Sunday Riggz, Madd, and Bizz had a performance at A&R Bar.

Somehow we managed to get most of the weekend on video! The first video below is a look at how Friday night went at Sugar Bar. I haven’t been out in a while so Friday was AMAZING! We filled our entire VIP section with some of our closest friends and had a blast. We also got a up close and personal view of the jello fight that was going on that night – ha!

The second video is Riggz, Madd, and Bizz performing “Money Makes the World Go ‘Round” from Bizz’s Draft 5 (The Last Draft…EVER!) released last December. First off, it is hard to believe that Draft 5 dropped nearly a year ago and it is still buzzing. The Sunday show was a great set that I got witness be put together. We filled the room with friends and family and even gained some new fans.

We are extremely blessed and grateful that we get to enjoy this journey with the people we love the most. We have had a lot of fun and put in a lot of work to make things happen. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the MOB movement. You seriously have no idea how much your support really means to us.

Upcoming events:

For the Fans Hip-Hop Gala in Columbus, Ohio| Friday August 9 at 9pm – Scarlet and Grey Cafe

Official Cory Gunz After Party in Cleveland, Ohio | Friday August 16 at 8pm – Xecutive UltraLounge

MOB Sugar Bar Takeover

MOB Performance at A&R Bar

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