Music Monday | JproD – Music for the Mases

JproD (jeopardy) is a 21 year old artist out of Bristol, Connecticut with the goal to make music for the mases. I appreciate an artist who writes about real life experiences and feelings and that is exactly what JproD does with every track. And as you know, I’m a sucker for real lyrics over a smooth beat.

You should always do what feels right to you, even if people don’t agree or necessarily like it. You have to be you.

JproD describes his music as “Lifestyle Music”. The music he makes is for anybody who can relate to it. When writing music he uses whatever emotions he is feeling in that moment; happy, sad, about to hit the club, or about to beat someone’s a**. For JproD, being completely real and writing music from real experiences is what it is all about.

Ain’t that about a bxtch? Have a good life but you can count me out of it.

“A Million Feelings” is the song that really gets to me. On this track he speaks on haters, past memories, friendships and even lovers. With this song you can feel that he is overwhelmed by all of these emotions but he knows that he has to pick up the pieces, get out of his feelings and keep pushing forward in his life. I don’t know about you, but this song is right on time for me!

Check out “A Million Feelings” and follow JproD on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Regal coming soon!

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