Music Monday | “She’s Royal” – Tarrus Riley

Technically this could be considered a Throwback Thursday post but I couldn’t resist.

So I’ve been into the new iTunes Radio and a particular station called, “Rastaman Live Up”. I’ve never been into Reggaeton at all but recently I have been curious about the style of music. So far I have noticed that it makes me oddly peaceful and relaxed.

A song came on that I really liked titled “She’s Royal” by a Tarrus Riley – whom I have never heard of. The song is talking about a woman with natural beauty and he is madly in love and infatuated with her. He goes on to call her a “Nubian Queen” and continues to sing about her royalty.

This made me think of beautiful brown skinned woman (like this) or a woman like Queen Nefertiti. I also loved it because I recently became Homecoming Queen at my school and I’m natural so in a sense, I feel like this song was definitely made for me.

Check out the song below and let me know what you think:

She’s Royal – Tarrus Riley

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