Music Monday | “Paid My Dues” – Lil Chuckee

Paid My Dues is a track released by Lil Chuckee leading up to his mixtape titled, “LeBron of My Time” – which was supposed to be released yesterday but I can not find a link – weird. The song indicates that he is here and it is his time to take over the game. Lil Chuckee feels like he has “paid his dues” and now it is his moment.

Lil Chuckee has been highly doubted in the rap game from the beginning. I honestly was not feeling him at all from jump until I heard his song on Dedication 5 titled, “Before Tune Gets Back”. I feel like he went in on the track but many beg to differ. Even going as far as saying that Wayne may have been a ghostwriter for Chuckee because the track was very “Wayne-ish”. Which, would make sense seeing how he calls himself “Birdman Jr. Jr.”.

But anywaydoe……

Check out Paid My Dues and let me know what you think:

Paid My Dues | Lil Chuckee

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