#ThriftStoreTuesday | It’s Sweater Time!


Over sized sweaters are super comfortable and can be just as stylish when properly accessorized.

This gray and white sweater is a pick up from last winter that I got for about $5. While it is a little pricey (IMO) for a thrift store buy, the material and the comfort made it completely worth it.

It’s really thick so it keeps me warm. It even kept me cozy during the windy weather in Chicago when I went to see Rihanna earlier this year.


I paired this sweater with printed stockings, cut off jean shorts, high socks, combat boots, a scarf, the infamous high Senegalese bun, topped off with a Steve Madden shoulder bag I got from Marshall’s.

This look is pretty typical for me in Fall. I have worn this sweater this way or with leggings, or even a skirt and stockings.

This sweater is one of those versatile buys. Today I wore it with yoga pants, next time I may wear it with jeans.

Either way it is one of my favorite things to wear during this time of year!

Do you have a favorite Thrift Store buy? Send it my way to be featured on the next Thrift Store Tuesday!

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