Have you heard of Cinch?


So as a Klout user I was invited to try out a new social networking platform called Cinch.

The dictionary definition of the word “Cinch” means: an extremely easy task.

Using the Cinch app is just that!

Need to know what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? All you have to do is pose the question and you will receive advice from other people on the network about gift ideas.

You can also personalize your profile so that you are able to answer questions for others.

As the internet and social media continuously evolve, more and more consumers are looking to each other for reviews on brands, products, and services. We trust that our twitter followers will lead us in the right direction when we ask which brand of detergent will make our clothes softer.

We are steadily moving further away from trusting what the brand says about themselves and moving towards testimonies from within our networks to make decisions about brands. We want to know how consumers use products and what are the pros and cons and with that information we will make decisions on purchases.


What does this look like for brands?

No matter how much money you spend on your detergent advertisement, consumers still don’t trust you; unless maybe a friend or a follower tell them to. Consumers will no longer make decisions based on who has the funniest commercial. Purchasing decisions will be based on the recommendations from past and current users of brands and will be followed through based on the transparency of the brand.

Brands need to continue to move towards the idea of transparency to gain trust from consumers and maintain it; as well as gain new consumers. Without being open and honest, consumers may know a brand exists from that million dollar 30 second spot, but that does not mean that it will turn into a purchase.

While the app could be considered similar to brands like Yelp and those alike, Cinch found their niche and fulfilled an unmet need. Instead of focusing on reviews, the app focuses on recommendations. Users wanted a quick and easy way to get advice on products and brands and the app created just that.

The app has a slick, clean and simple look and is very easy to use.

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