The black woman has completely lost her identity. I have noticed that the identity is slowly returning but it will take some time indeed.

Haus of Soup



The descendant of a Queen,

Roots from the greatest continent,

Appearance is of royalty; the most unique features is what she has possession of,

Yet, she is suppressed.

She was born with the blessed kisses of the Sun itself. She was meant to be a part of a dynasty.

She was meant to walk the lands of her home, meant to show her unique beauty along with the ravishing animals that too share the land with her.

Her exquisite body like no other; it holds the brightest glow of the most vibrant aura as she is meant to strut with the pride of a lion.

The most honest symbol of the beauty that melanin creates; her alluring skin, rich in color; her persuaded mind, rich in depreciation.

She is suppressed.

Hair that identifies her as the original Queen, hair that others internally fear; but she doesn’t realize the strength…

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