“Her, She, & Me” | Coming Spring 2015

she.I think it is safe to say that every girl on the planet has gone through a phase where she has felt “less than.” A phase where no matter how many times you curl your hair that one strand refuses to stay curled, or that phase where you’re trying to do the winged look with your eyeliner and the wings never match, or no matter how many sit-ups you do that one roll is just so stubborn and refuses to go away. *inhale*

I think it is also safe to say that some of us, self included, are still stuck in that phase.

The beauty in all of that is the fact that we’re not alone. It’s tough to understand that while you’re going through it but it’s true. What did Drake say? “I never actually am alone, I just always feel alone.” But you’re not.

This project came to mind when I thought about all of my own insecurities and how I’ve felt alone in them.. I wish that when I was going through my awkward phases in life I had someone I could turn to that could say, “Hey, I’ve been there, it gets better..” That’s what Her, She, and Me is.

I believe there are three stages to self love. 1. Stop looking at HER. 2. Understand that SHE is not you. 3. Say, “I am ME!” in the mirror and truly believe in that statement.

I was inspired by a lot of things through this process and I am far from complete. I am truly blessed and thankful for the women that have stepped up and have been willing to tell their stories. All of these women have been an inspiration to me and I hope they are to you as well.

Her, She and Me is scheduled to be released in Spring 2015. If you or anyone you know are willing to tell their story, please contact me at: tjecomm(@)gmail(dot)com.

This project was created under TJE Communications, LLC.

Willow Smith – “I Am Me”


2 thoughts on ““Her, She, & Me” | Coming Spring 2015

  1. Reblogged this on A Little Bit, Of A Lot and commented:
    Looking forward to seeing the final production of this wonderful documentary put on by my girl Tish. (I also feature in this documentary!) It’s so touching and she worked her butt off! Spring 2015 hurry up!

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