Instagram Opens the Door for Advertising


Well folks, the rumors are true. Instagram now allows businesses to buy advertising.

I was scrolling my timeline today and Instagram made a sponsored post about their introduction of advertising for businesses. They informed users that for now, the only businesses whose ads will post are those with a great community on IG.

They also said that these ads will be creative. AND users have the option of hiding ads and telling Instagram what they don’t like about it.

This gives brands the opportunity to advertise on a whole new platform. Instagram is nothing like Facebook or Twitter when it comes to advertising. Whether users like it or not, the ad will be in their face; unlike other site it will be harder to ignore these post.

Instagram users will still have to look at the ad and decide whether or not they choose to hide the post or give it a double tap for creativity. Either way, it will be seen by more consumers than other social sites that offer advertising options.

While this a perk for brands, it’s not so much for consumers. The one place that was ad free will soon be bombarded with ads. It is nice to have the power to hide, but it will be hard to scroll by an ad without taking a second look.

My only questions so far:

– How often will users see ads? Every hour? Every refresh of the TL?

– Will brands be able to pay more to rid users of the “hide this post” option?

What do you think about Instagram leveling that playing field with advertising options? Comment and let me know!

“I Killed A Man” – Matt Cordle


“I Killed A Man” is a viral video of 22 year old Ohio resident, Matt Cordle admitting to driving under the influence and killing Vincent Canzani on June 22, 2013. Cordle admits to being intoxicated and driving the wrong way down the highway and striking Canzani’s car causing his death.

In the video Cordle speaks about having conversations with lawyers who told him that he could “get off” if he lied about the incident. They informed him that it happens often; suspects getting away with murder by lying.

Cordle has decided to take the risk of telling the truth and admitting to his wrongdoings. He wants the video to serve as a confession and warning to other people who claim to be ok to drive after a couple of beers – DON’T DO IT is his advice to anyone who thinks of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

The video was released by non profit organization Because I Said I Would. Their goal is to better humanity by “the power of a promise”. Others have made videos promising not to engage in certain activity such as drinking and driving and vowing to keep them simply because that’s what they said they would do.

This a very cool organization that I have not heard of until today but am hoping to learn more!

I applaud Matt Cordle for his bravery. He took on the risk of receiving a lot of criticism for being so public about his case. While I pray this is a genuine gesture, I also pray that many, including myself, will stop and think BEFORE deciding to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Check out Matt Cordle’s confession below and let me know your thoughts.

I Killed A Man – Matt Cordle