LB’s “I’m No Angel” Campaign + New Jeans

After 7 years, I have bought a pair of jeans. 

Throwing on a pair of jeans has always been my go to look but after gaining weight after high school, they were not so comfortable. Until the other day, I literally owned ONE pair of jeans that are way too tight and very unflattering. I thought my life of wearing jeans was over.

I stopped into Lane Bryant to look for a bathing suit top and saw the jeans section staring me down. I walked over super intimated because I just knew that there was no way I would find a pair that would fit me just right. Girl, was I wrong!

As soon as I slipped on these jeans my whole attitude changed. How did I go 7 years without jeans!? 

The cool thing about LB Jeans is that they have special technology that hug you in all of the right places. I have never felt more comfortable or confident in a pair of jeans in my entire life!

    Another great thing about LB is their “I’m No Angel” campaign. The campaign promotes self love and body positivity and is redefining what society sees as “sexy”. The same message I hope to get across with Her, She, and Me. If you haven’t seen the ad for this campaign, check it out below:

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If you’re a full figured woman looking for a comfy and stylish pair of jeans, Lane Bryant is the place to go! Know any other brands that have amazing jeans? Comment below!

Nights with Nish – Back and better than before!

I’m so excited that Nights with Nish is back and definitely better than I have ever been able to do it before.

Nights with Nish (NWN) is a vlog series that started late 2012. I had a PC and an iPhone and wasn’t able to cover all of the topics I hoped for. I also was forced to use Windows Movie Maker to create the webisodes. Have you ever used that? Exactly.

I am so excited for the line-up of interviewees I have for this upcoming season. Beginning in March you will see interviews from people who dabble in music, poetry, entrepreneurship and more!

I have to give a special thanks to my good friend, Eloy Pacheco, who took my ideas and put them on paper perfectly. I cannot thank him enough!



Stay tuned by visiting for Nights with Nish webisodes! Want to be featured on a webisode? Email tjecomm(@)gmail(dot)com.