Her, She, & Me

Her, She, & Me is a compilation of tales about the struggles young women face growing up trying to fit into the beauty standards placed on them by society. These brave women sat in front of the producer or sent in a video diary telling their stories of pain, abandonment, bullying and self harm. In the midst of the triumph, these women speak on how they began to stand up for themselves and begin their journey to self confidence and self love.
Self actualization and love happens in three stages:
Step 1) Her: We begin early on to notice that we look different than our peers. Our skin tone is different, our hair is not the same, and our facial features are not similar.
Step 2) She: Once we notice these differences, we begin to compare ourselves to these other people and question our creator wondering: “Why is she prettier than me?” “Taller than me?” “Smarter than me?”
Step 3) Me: This is where we can begin to accept these differences and truly love and appreciate our uniqueness. This is where we build self love and self confidence.
While “Her, She & Me” is not yet completed, this extended preview will give you an inside look on the stories of trials and tribulations that average women have faced growing up.
Digital version of film preview:

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