MOB Music: Road to THE Tape Preview 2

As promised, the second and final preview of the full Road to THE Tape documentary is available below. I understand you are only here for one of three reasons.

1. You genuinely want to see the preview and you probably won’t read this. You’ll just scroll straight to the bottom of this post and get right to it.

2. You’re an informant that secretly loves the MOB so you’re pretending to do your job but you actually are just as excited as the group 1 category.

3. You enjoy reading my blogs…..this is just me being optimistic because it’s hump day and I could use a confidence booster to give me the energy to finish out the week strong.

Regardless the reason you’re here, you are and I appreciate it.

What was the point of me writing a blog when I know you’re all only here for the video? Hm..

The People’s Champ Is Here

Give the people what they want, right?

Local Hip-Hop Artist B Sledge does just that on his upcoming and first solo mixtape entitled “People’s Champ” – which is set to drop July 29th. If you have ever been in a room with Sledge you will get a gist of his very loud and outgoing personality. This mixtape gives you the Sledge that we all know and have had encounters with, but we also get a deeper look into his undying love for his daughter and the loyalty he has for his friends and the MOB family.

sledge - mob

So, in honor of the releasing of this mixtape, MOB Music is going to have a contest starting NOW until July 22. Remember Myspace? We’re going old school with written promo pictures!

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says, “#PeoplesChamp, July 29, #MOB – in some way, get creative!

[Similar to the one you see to the left]

Mention @_MOBMusic on Twitter or IG and we will repost it and tweet it. Who ever has the most ‘likes’ by July 22, will receive an early copy of #PeoplesChamp.

Easy right? So what are you waiting for! 

In the meantime….listen to “Cool” by Sledge: