Music Monday | “Overtime” – B. Sledge ft. Bizzoe & Riggz

MOB Music has been quiet lately but that is because they are too busy plotting on their next break out moment.

You should be familiar with this dynamic group of talented artist due to their mixtapes that dropped this summer. Now the crew is gearing up for their next tapes and decided to give you a teaser.

“Overtime” is the recent track from B. Sledge who released “People’s Champ” this summer and it features artist Bizzoe (“Sun and Shade”) and Riggz (“Words Unspoken”). This is a typical Sledge banger with a hot beat and even hotter bars and is definitely an indication of what his next tape will sound like.

With this track MOB Music is letting everyone know that they are in OVERTIME and the grind is more intense than ever. This track is set to be released on Sledge’s new mixtape (date TBD) and is the first single to be put out.

Check out “Overtime” and let me know what you think:

Bizzoe – Pound Cake REMIX