The Power of Social

As human beings we long for affection and human connection. That is why the World Wide Web (Internet) just recently celebrated its 25th birthday.

I still cannot believe that the Internet is barely older than me. Does that make me old?

I am currently reading a book titled, Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect by MatthewD. Lieberman and he talks about the “social brain”. It is built into our DNA to interact with another and feed off of each other.

And amazingly enough, we have the ability to build these connections with complete strangers.

I came across this video of strangers kissing the other day on LinkedIn and I have since seen it floating across the web.

The video is by Titea Pileliva titled, First Kiss. Apparently it is an advertisement for clothing and the people in the video are actors and actresses.

However, it made me realize how easily the brain can build connections with others. You can tell they were all nervous at first but once they started kissing it was hard to tell what was real and what was acting. Without any background information, I would have believed that these were all real couples being filmed kissing in the privacy of their own homes.

The brain loves to be social. It loves to connect and interact and that is such an amazing thing. We are made to connect with other people. Even if it is a stranger whom we’ve never met we are able to connect with them and make it appear as if we have known them forever.

Brands can take a look at this video and learn a thing or two. No, it is not ideal to go make out with your consumers but it is important to understand that consumers do want to connect. It is in their DNA for crying out loud! Give your consumers a story to connect with. Create something that your consumers can be passionate about, too. Whether it be a campaign or a story you can tell about your brand. Consumers are longing for a connection.

This video will put a smile on your face and made me feel like a hopeless romantic. Check it out and let me know what you think:

Ted Talk: The social brain and its superpowers: Matthew D. Lieberman

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Have you heard of Cinch?


So as a Klout user I was invited to try out a new social networking platform called Cinch.

The dictionary definition of the word “Cinch” means: an extremely easy task.

Using the Cinch app is just that!

Need to know what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? All you have to do is pose the question and you will receive advice from other people on the network about gift ideas.

You can also personalize your profile so that you are able to answer questions for others.

As the internet and social media continuously evolve, more and more consumers are looking to each other for reviews on brands, products, and services. We trust that our twitter followers will lead us in the right direction when we ask which brand of detergent will make our clothes softer.

We are steadily moving further away from trusting what the brand says about themselves and moving towards testimonies from within our networks to make decisions about brands. We want to know how consumers use products and what are the pros and cons and with that information we will make decisions on purchases.


What does this look like for brands?

No matter how much money you spend on your detergent advertisement, consumers still don’t trust you; unless maybe a friend or a follower tell them to. Consumers will no longer make decisions based on who has the funniest commercial. Purchasing decisions will be based on the recommendations from past and current users of brands and will be followed through based on the transparency of the brand.

Brands need to continue to move towards the idea of transparency to gain trust from consumers and maintain it; as well as gain new consumers. Without being open and honest, consumers may know a brand exists from that million dollar 30 second spot, but that does not mean that it will turn into a purchase.

While the app could be considered similar to brands like Yelp and those alike, Cinch found their niche and fulfilled an unmet need. Instead of focusing on reviews, the app focuses on recommendations. Users wanted a quick and easy way to get advice on products and brands and the app created just that.

The app has a slick, clean and simple look and is very easy to use.