Throwback Thursday | “Clint Eastwood” – Gorillaz

Gorillaz is an interesting band because I have no clue what they look like in real life. And this song is a classic!

You have this super odd, mellow, emo-esque band adding this hard-raspy rapper over a beat that sounds like it’s soaked in sorrow and you come out with a masterpiece.

“I’m useless, but not for long.”

The thing that draws me in about this song is the fact that he is singing about being so happy and having sunshine in a bag, but yet, he sounds so depressed. Weird.

According to there a deeper meaning behind the song that you all should check out.

My opinion on it: it’s like when someone KNOWS you’re feeling some type of way, but they still ask “how are you?” and you respond with “I’m fine.” This song is like that moment.


Enjoy this Throwback as will I!

“Clint Eastwood” | Gorillaz