Riggz x Bizzoe x UNSEEN Footage

Anyone that is anyone knows that you will never be in a room with Riggz & Bizz without hearing them freestyle at least once. Whether it be over their own beats or no beat at all, these guys are not afraid to hop on the mic and murder anyone with words.

Both rappers were born and raised on the east-side of Columbus, Ohio where music has always been a big part of their lives. They are only two of the many members of the M.O.B. music group that formulated back in their younger years and the roster of this team not only is continuously growing, but continuously evolving in more ways than one.

You probably remember me mentioning Bizzoe to you in a blog in December before the drop of his mixtape Draft 5. Since then, Bizz has been working hard by writing new material (that a little birdie told me will be released this summer) and doing shows – like the show he just won LAST NIGHT at the Scarlet and Grey Cafe. Rapper Riggz also performed last night and I heardddd that he is currently writing material for his first mixtape that is to be released ASAP (yes, another birdie told me that….I know a lot of birdies). You can also hear Riggz as a feature on many songs on Bizz’s Draft 5.

This past weekend I was coolin’ with the M.O.B. and of course I got to hear a couple of freestyles from both Riggz & Bizz. I have a few videos but I am only going to share one with you for now. Take a look at these guys and let me know you what you think!

The Last Draft…EVER!

bizzoe draft 5I have been following the Draft mixtapes from the beginning and I have never heard anything like this one. Kwan aka Bizzoe, left his heart on every track and definitely showed he has star potential.

From the first track to the last, Bizzoe and guest including A-Down, Mad Rich, Leo Light and others tell their story of coming from nothing to going through heart ache and suffering, leaving no other option but to “Stack or Starve”.

I don’t usually speak on music but I love when an artist puts his all into a project and Bizzoe definitely did that with this mixtape. Plus, Kwan is a good friend of mine so of course I’m not bias or anything 😉

But in all seriousness, I listen to Kwan’s music just like I would any other artist because he can definitely hang with the best of them. I once heard someone say:

You can’t be an artist without a story

If that is true, then Kwan is for sure an artist!

The drop of this mixtape is only hours away and you can download the Draft 5 at Hot New Hip-Hop or you can click here.

Also, check out the trailers to the making of the Draft 5 on YouTube