Superbowl Social Media Hiccup

It’s one thing to spend millions of dollars on a commercial but hey, that’s marketing. Public Relations is the earned brand awareness that now a days, comes mostly from social media.

And what is the worst day of the year to screw it up? Superbowl Sunday.

JcPenney’s took to Twitter last night with some tweets that had many typos. Similar to the “drunk tweeters” we find on our timelines around 2:00am when the bar closes.

The brand quickly cleared the air after twitter users, including myself, wondered if too many brews had caused the misconstrued tweets. Even Kia Motors offered to send their hamsters over to be the DD for the night.

JcPenney insisted that the typos were due to the fact that they were #TweetingWithMittens. Good Morning America poked fun at the hashtag by making a post of two employees also #TweetingWithMittens.

So, what really happened here? I mean to JcPenney’s defense, they did make a tweet before the game with the Team USA mittens:

But was that the real cause of the typos? It almost seems like it was a joke gone bad – they thought it would be funny to tweet with mittens and make typos not realizing it would get confused with drunk tweets? Or maybe T-Mobile shared their margaritas with the company? Who knows.

My concerns here are:

1. Why are you tweeting with mittens from the web – so you’re probably indoors. Why?

2. If this was a mistake, why are only 2/5 tweets made last night have this many typos?

3. It’s the biggest night of the year for pr/marketing professionals, why aren’t you proof reading your tweets before sending them out?

4. Think your pr/social media stunts through. Think about how some one could take a joke the wrong way. If your joke or stunt could be twisted into a negative, it is probably not a good idea!

In all, I do not believe this will hurt the brand at all but it was a minor setback and a little embarrassing.

On the other hand there was one company that had fun with social media and did it flawlessly!

Allstate’s Mayhem took to twitter last night poking fun at last years power outage amongst other things. The Mayhem also mentioned the wardrobe malfunction that we will never forget from ten years ago.

Both are great examples of how to be risky and funny, yet tasteful.

Unlike that awkward Butterfinger commercial. Yikes!

What are some other brands that did social media right last night?