Music Monday | Kent Gone Wild!

If you follow any one from Kent State University, you saw the rap beef that happened on twitter between Joksclub and another Kent State rapper. Not sure how the beef started, but it ended with Joksclub member Leo Light finishing it with a diss record titled Fits Me Perfectly. We all know how I feel about Leo Light – if not, let me fill you in…

Leo Light, originally from New York, brings his unique sound and creativity all the way to Ohio. He has a very original sound that I have never heard before, which is why I rock with his music so hard (I shower to Lost Souls – this is not a game people). Not only is he talented on stage and behind the mic, the guy his hilarious and extremely personable. But, like with any other rapper, if you have beef he’s not afraid to fix it.

Check out his response diss track:

Now I can’t talk about Kent State rappers without mentioning the beautiful and talented Penelope Dollaz. First time I saw her perform in Kent I was in AWE! You don’t see many females rappers in the game who are NOT talking about their box on every track and she can freestyle like nobody’s business right with the boys. She is pure talent and her hair is perfectionnnnnnnn.

Her next project titled Flirting with Strangers will drop soon and I’m confident that it will be nothing less than great. Check out her latest track titled Yeah Hoe that will appear on her next project:

Kent was way too turnt for me on Twitter yesterday but that’s why I love them. They always bring the crazy! Definitely planning to make another trip there soon.

EXCLUSIVE: Bizzoe x Unseen Footage x 5/2013

Well… asked for it, you worked for it, you got it!

First off! Big thank you to everyone who viewed the last post and made this one possible.

Secondly, I know you’ve been waiting so I’ll keep it short and sweet…

I acquired this footage over the weekend as I got the honor of following the M.O.B. music group in a couple sessions and meetings. The M.O.B. is an up and coming group of talented individuals who I guarantee will have a major takeover in the near future! Rapper Bizzoe, member of the M.O.B. and JoksClub, kicked off this weekend’s freestyle session and SNAPPED (as usual).

Finally….here is the never before seen footage! Check it out below and let me know what you think: