Veno Releases “Cash My Check” ft. Leo Light

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I can assure you I have so much coming your way!

I know very few hard working twenty something year olds and Veno is definitely one of them. This week he released a single from his upcoming project titled “All Caps EP” featuring the first rapper crush I’ve ever got to meet in real life, Leo Light.

I got to ask Veno what was the inspiration behind the song and this is what he had to say:

“We all work and the only thing keeping us at work is knowing what we are working for. Is it a paycheck? Is it for a loved one? Or are you working towards a goal? Rather its working a job or working to achieve a goal you’re still working. And will continue to do so until you reach what you want to achieve. Reaching your goal feels like cashing a check when you retain what you have been working for. So rather you hoop, sell drugs, go to school, or do music the best moment is when you see it happening and its like its almost friday and you’re about to cash your check!”

Sevaughn Knight, better known as Veno All Caps is a 21 year old artist from Columbus, Oh. The name Veno All Caps stems from a friend given alias Veno combined with a reference of respect for his hometown also known as “Cap City”.

Veno is 1/6 of MOB Music and 1/3 of Joksclub and has 2 previous releases titled “Art Of Storytelling” and “Trillish” under the name Kid V. His next project titled “All Caps EP” is set to release February 10, 2015. With this being his first release as Veno All Caps, he aims to make Columbus “All Caps City”.

Check out his single “Cash My Check” and let me know what you think!

Kent Gone WILD Pt. II

So, ya’ll thought I was playing when I said Kent was full of show outs, huh?

Joksclub member Kid V released his diss track like…10 minutes ago and you know the results. I don’t know who this kid is but he has dung himself a deep hole being dissed by two Joksclub members in less than 24 hours. But, he seems to be coming around and has displayed great sportsmanship by tweeting Kid V simply “#Respect” after listening to the track.

Kid V is a Columbus native who has been putting in work (no pun intended but here’s the song – Work) up at Kent State doing show after show and even being apart of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards this past summer along with Joksclub and MOB member Bizzoe.

Enough of me rambling…

Check out the track and let me know your thoughts: