‘Peeps’ Show Us How to Break the Mold

What is that sugary marshmallow goodness you only get to indulge in on Easter? Peeps!

This candy has been one of my favorites on Easter and I look forward to it every year. I actually never notice Peeps Candy in the store unless it’s around that time. Do they even sell them any other time?

Recently I saw a commercial for new Peeps Mini’s and thought: “FINALLY! Someone opened their mouth and said the obvious! ‘We’re irrelevant until Easter comes around.'”

I’m not sure how the conversation went, but I’m sure it went something like this:

Some awesome person identified the elephant in the room, “our sales are high around Easter, then plummet once it’s over. We’re known as the Easter holiday candy but we’re forgotten about throughout the rest of the year.”

How do you fix that? Make EVERY DAY a Holiday!

The commercial has a girl sliding across the carpet in her socks and then celebrating “National Static Electricity Day” by shocking her brother.

Why was this genius?

The company is aware that they are only relevant around the Easter holiday season. So in order to stay relevant, they believe every day should be a holiday and calls for Peeps.

If they succeed with this campaign, it will break the mold of the traditional way we consume Peeps and be on the minds of consumers all year long; not just in Spring.

Can this back fire?

Of course. All good ideas can back fire. The company is beginning to run this campaign nearly eight months before the next Easter; not quite their peak sales season. If consumers can’t bring themselves to enjoy the sugary treat, the company could be shelling out more money than they’re bringing in.

If it doesn’t back fire, then the campaign succeeds; but will Easter still be their peak sales time? Would consumers then be bored of the candy when Easter comes around? 

With every day being a holiday, this changes the face of the candy. It’s like getting a Christmas present every day, by Christmas, you won’t be excited anymore.

Check out the commercial and share your thoughts below: