Nights with Nish – ft. Penelope Dolla$

FINALLY! I was able to meet my twitter bae/wifey last weekend and we had a blast!

I have met some people from twitter IRL (in real life) and it is true when they say people have social media personalities. But not, Penelope Dolla$. She was exactly how I thought she would be.

But, you’re not here to hear me ramble. Check out the first Nights with Nish video featuring Penelope Dolla$!

Nights With Nish (NWN): MOB Edition

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because the video says it all…

Saturday I was in the studio with the MOB and got to hear a lot of new material and got an interview and freestyle from Riggz! He is going to be putting out his mixtape this summer titled “Words Unspoken” so pay attention to his twitter for details.

Bizz put down about 3 songs in the first hour I was there (like, WTF!?) and is releasing an EP this summer that is full of BANGERS, personal tracks, poetry, and stories that will really challenge your thought process.

But enough rambling from me….check out this special Nights With Nish webisode and let me know what you think!

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